AGES 6-12


Path2Progress is the ideal program for grassroots players; providing an all-round soccer training experience with focus on the technical and tactical demands of the game.


A curriculum designed for recreational and intermediate level players, each day players will be challenged in an exciting training environment, working on gaining a better understanding and improving their execution of both the attacking and defensive demands of the game. 


Daily Skills

Expect your player to develop their skills in the following areas:

  • Monday - Midfielders (passing, trapping & spacing)
  • Tuesday - Wingers (dribbling, moves & crossing)
  • Wednesday - Defenders (tackling, shadowing & 1v1 defending)
  • Thursday - Strikers (shooting and finishing)
  • Friday - Goalkeepers (saving, catching & distribution)


Typical Day:



Each player receives a jersey
Each player receives an evaluation
Players should bring water, snacks, sunscreen, soccer ball and shin guards
(balls and shin guards will be available for sale on-site)

  1. Ball familiarization - juggling and skills

  2. Welcome and daily intro

  3. Skill-based warm-up (based on day)

  4. Technique development

  5. Tactical understanding to implement the skill

  6. Small-sided games

  7. Conditioned scrimmages

  8. Free-play

  9. Daily re-cap