AGES 3-5


Path2Play is our introductory program intended for new and beginner level players aged 3-5 years old.


We prioritize creating a safe and friendly environment to give each child the best platform to learn and grow. Each day will focus on a different, fundamental soccer skill as well as the motor-skills behind successful technique. Not only will we focus on soccer; included in our curriculum is time dedicated to learning the rules and other holistic factors such as team-building, friendship, sportsmanship and respect.


Daily Skills

Expect your player to develop their skills in the following areas:

  • Monday - Dribbling & skill moves
  • Tuesday - Kicking & passing
  • Wednesday - Trapping & control
  • Thursday - Spacing & teamwork
  • Friday - Gameplay


Typical Day:

The most innovative aspect of our program is the “disguised learning” behind each daily lesson plan. After much research and testing we have discovered the best activities to engage each player while also delivering the correct coaching points at the right time. Our aim is to flow from one activity to the next with minimal downtime while also progressing each skill to a level similar to regular gameplay. You can see below what a typical days looks like.



Each player receives a jersey
Each player receives a medal
Players should bring water, snacks, sunscreen, soccer ball and shin guards
(balls and shin guards will be available for sale on-site)

  1. Arrival and check-in

  2. Ball familiarization activity

  3. Team welcome and intro

  4. Motor-skill based warm-up

  5. Fun soccer game

  6. Recap of learning

  7. Activation of daily skill

  8. Small-sided game

  9. Scrimmage

  10. Team cheer