Path2Perfect is a carefully designed program offered for the more experienced soccer player who is focused on taking their game to the highest level.


Our advanced curriculum presents players with the opportunity to be challenged within various game situations in order to improve their game understanding, decision making, and speed of play. Players will be challenged to use their technical skills to help them in a tactical environment whilst ensuring that they better understand the how, when, where, who and why of any situation.


Daily Skills

Expect your player to develop their skills in the following areas:

  • Monday
    - Attacking Focus: Build up from the back
    - Defending Focus: Preventing the opposition build up
  • Tuesday
    - Attacking Focus: Playing through the middle third
    - Defending Focus: Preventing play through the thirds
  • Wednesday
    - Attacking Focus: Creating chances in the attacking third
    - Defending Focus: Preventing goal scoring opportunities
  • Thursday - Transition play & Combining the phases
  • Friday - Game play


Typical Day:



Groups are capped at 12 players
Each player receives a jersey, a bag, and a water bottle
Each player receives an evaluation
Players should bring water, snacks, sunscreen, soccer ball and shin guards
(balls and shin guards will be available for sale on-site)

  1. Group introduction meeting and goal setting

  2. Dynamic warm up (Injury prevention)

  3. High-Intensity technical practice

  4. Tactical introduction

  5. Phase of play practice

  6. Attack v Defense

  7. Review and problem solve

  8. Play the game

  9. Tactical Analysis

  10. Cool down