AGES 2-6


P2Minis is our introductory program for future soccer stars.


P2Minis has three exciting program levels, all of which have specific goals based around the needs of the participants. The curriculums of each program are all fun and high-engagement based, including key focus to; motor-skill development, soccer familiarization, social interaction, and soccer development.
At P2 Minis we welcome all players to join us at the very start of their path to greatness! 


Ages 2-3

Ratio 1:10 - with parent involvement

P2Ignite is a high energy program created to ignite the love of being active in even the youngest of participants. These 50-minute classes will lead players through creative adventures whilst encouraging and challenging participants to develop essential motor-skills such as running, turning, jumping, hopping etc. Development of motor skills is the main goal of the program, but of course, we add a soccer element, with players also participating in activities of which include the soccer ball to get some familiarization of the game of soccer whilst working on those important eye-foot coordination skills! Sessions will require parent participation in order to assist your player in the activities and become part of their journey!


Ages 4-5

Ratio 1:10 – optional parent involvement

P2Engage is offered for participants who are now ready to become engaged in physical activity with soccer starting to become a consistent feature within classes. These players are now showing some progression with their motor-skills which allows the class focus to switch to slightly more structured activities to have the players moving, stopping, and striking the soccer ball. P2Engage will focus on a game-based approach to promote fun, and learning through play. Parents are welcome to assist in this class to engage with their player and play their part in their soccer journey!


Ages 6-7

Ratio 1:12 - No parent involvement

P2Inspire is designed for players who are ready to find their love of soccer whist continuing to develop the key motor-skills essential in becoming a top soccer star of the future! Parents can now take a back seat and watch their child’s love for soccer grow as they partake in fun soccer related activities and games. Players start to learn a little more about the game of soccer and will participate in lots of mini soccer games. Naturally this program will build the players technical soccer ability, but not just that, social development will be a component as players will now start becoming comfortable whilst playing in a small team and showing off their soccer skills. Warning – these players will want to start kicking the ball around the house now!