Our History:

P2 Soccer Training began in 2017 as the result of a desire by the company directors to provide a top-notch soccer experience for young players throughout the Midwest. We sought to develop a curriculum and training team that was capable of engaging and exciting young players while also teaching them new skills, techniques and tactics in a challenging environment. 

Since 2017, P2 has created a team of 45 professional trainers from all over the world who share our passion for soccer and want to spread their love of the game. We work year-round, with teams and individual players, to raise the level of every player we work with. We take pride in our adaptability and believe we can impact every player, helping them reach their goals in, and out, of the soccer world.

Since our inception, P2 has assisted our training team with the following:

  • 3 trainers certified to USSF C license

  • 9 trainers certified to USSF D license

  • 1 trainer certified to USC Premier Diploma

  • 3 trainers certified to USC Advanced National Diploma

  • 6 trainers certified to USC Futsal: level 1

  • 2 trainers certified to USC Advanced National Goalkeeping license


Our Goal:

Our Vision:

To be the foremost provider of soccer education in the United States.

Our Mission:

We will

  • work with coaches to develop their knowledge

  • work with players to develop their skills

  • work with parents to develop their understanding

  • work with volunteers to develop their engagement

for the betterment of the game at the youth level.


Our Commitment:

At P2 we believe that every young athlete has the potential to flourish if given the appropriate coaching. Step one in this process is setting a safe and secure environment from the first interaction. How do we do this? We ask all staff to arrive to each session early to set-up, this allows them to interact with players as they arrive and start to build rapport. We also teach our trainers how to interact with children of different ages - focusing on trust and  understanding to allow a player to feel welcome and confident to begin training. The first thing we do in every session is designed to be enjoyable.

Our approach is founded in developing a love and enjoyment for soccer and athletics. We pride ourselves on teaching holistically to create a well-rounded athletes with transferable skills: not only to other sports, but also to life.

We galvanize this with a team of expert trainers who share our passion and dedication for using the game of soccer as a vehicle for success. Each trainer must hold a professional license as well as practical on-field coaching experience. We also emphasize the importance of personability in our trainers - we fell that in order for a player to truly flourish they must feel a connection to the game and to their teachers.